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Quick Pic Portrait / Card Sessions - For $275 each 45 minute session, clients get full-service digital images of their choice (3 images picked from all proofs) to be edited and finalized for use as a card, invite, etc. You will be able to pick your favorite images from the session and will be delivered full size digital downloads for your own use. This option is perfect for a quick family card, head shots, etc.


Family Day Session DIY (New Product) - Introducing the "Do It Yourself" Family Day Session. To keep your costs as low as possible, my new option is "Do It Yourself" Editing. You simply pay for my session time. You receive all the full sized images quickly to edit, pick, review, and touch up on your own. With all the cool photo software for everyone to use, why not try it yourself! The longer the event, the more photos you keep. This is the best way to take your event photos in your own direction! $150 Per Hour Session Time. You can add editing later if you wish.


Event and Party Session DIY (New Product) - The "DIY" Event and Party Session works the same way as the Family Day Session. At $150 Per Hour, you get all the images to review on your own and "DIY" as you wish. Images are delivered digitally after the event. If you are happy with the images, you won't have to spend an extra dime on editing at all. Money Saved!!!


Finishing Services - You can always add image finishing services after reviewing your photos. Choose to edit by the photo, or create a bundle of your own favorites. Save money by picking only the images that you and your family love the most!

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